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This year, my family and I will host our 10th Annual Art Show and Open House.  For the past three years we have created full catalogues, both in an on-line format and in-person, for each show.  The catalogues show a photo of one of my works accompanied by an explanation of the process used, sources of inspiration and other key details. These catalogues are presented here, along with more information about my painting approach and methods.
I love how painting pushes me to see the world in an unfiltered, almost childlike way.  Simultaneously, I am working with each painting to balance that childlike sensibility with the discretion we learn and cultivate as adults.  Sounds simple enough, but it is often a humbling and challenging experience. My best paintings take on a life of their own; the process often leads me to articulate and usher them into existence.  
Painting Page Photo 1.heic
Painting Page Photo 2.jpg
 Art truly does allow us to express the inexpressible.  In my work, I instill the emotion I feel regarding a specific site for landscapes and/or the beauty I see in the natural world and our day-to-day existence.  I heard the artist Nick Cave say he knows when one of his works is done when the piece takes a breath.  I have found this to be so true of the painting process.  It speaks to the allure and drive to create paintings. 
 I am a self-taught artist and truly work every day to deepen and expand my knowledge of this vast medium.  I create my paintings with traditional linseed-based oil paints. Primarily working on hardboard, the modern painter’s version of Masonite; I also create works on traditional canvas and linen surfaces. My feeling is the road to mastery for painting can be built by applying the best technical methods coupled with the best archival materials.  This technical framework is supported by ongoing deep dives into the history of painting and various other painter’s methods and practices. 
Painting Page Photo4.HEIC
I am always experimenting with brush work and color mixing to illicit new and exciting results.  From the very beginning of taking up my painting practice, I have built my own tools to move and shape paint on my painting boards and canvases.  The building of tools to accommodate such effects is a direct outgrowth of my woodworking and furniture making experience; a craft where building tools and jigs to accomplish specific tasks is often done and necessary.  

"Longwood Gardens 2023"

Creating a Pair of Paintings

A Note on Painting (2023)

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