Commission Information


A couple of quick thoughts to consider in the commissioning process...

- I enjoy listening for and manifesting the passion that is my client's inspiration-I hold on to it and references these ideas and feelings as I create their painting.

- This process has an inspired way of leading both myself and the client to a creative place neither of us quite saw coming... the piece, although inspired by a very specific place and or event, begins to take on an identity of its own! 

The "How-To" for commissioning an original work:

Commissions have developed into a welcomed and essential part of my artwork.  These works allow me to forge extremely meaningful connections with my clients.  I create small studies to present to clients before I embark on what is typically a larger piece. The client and I, based on the study, have a shared framework to work from.  Some projects have inspired me to create two versions of the same subject matter-the client then has the opportunity to select one or even purchase both. 

Here are some typical ways we have developed a commissioned work of art:

  • Clients bring me an idea and/or photographs of places and experiences that inspire them.  

  • The process simply is driven by the client having a special location in their home that is just "waiting" for original artwork.

  • Life milestones can inspire a commission. I created a painting for a group of childhood friends to present for an upcoming wedding.  Major birthdays, e.g. 50ths, have been the genesis for a piece.

  • I have been asked to reinterpret a masterwork of another well-established artist from another era in my own style.  I created such a piece inspired by the 19th-century painter Frederich Edwin Church most recently.

  • Clients see a piece of mine they really like, but it has been sold; I work with them to create a new piece (see photo above) with similar structure and elements of the original but also work to create a fresh new piece at the same time.