News from the Studio

My studio is attached to my home. I have built it to accommodate the mediums I love:

Painting, printmaking, marquetry, and carving. When I need more space, I can set up just

outside the studio doors to do operations that require my table saw, sanding etc.

About, Dag, carving in shop.jpg

Oil Painting:

The majority of my work involves oil painting; which the space suits extremely well. I have lots

of natural light and many views of the mature trees and beautiful blooms that surround my

property. I am grateful daily for this space to do my work and to be close at hand to my family,

as each of them pursues their daily activities.

Mixed Media:

Given my background in furniture making and the decorative arts my studio space allows me

to mix mediums for some innovations in the works I produce. Sometimes that may involve

using the printing press I built a few summers ago to make prints from the wood cut blocks I

carve. Or, for example, with two of my current oil paintings, I am building small cabinets

directly into the painting’s composition.

Woodcarving Pic #2.jpg

Wood Carvings:

I am working on wood carvings that integrate directly into some of the painting I am making;

and some carvings that stand alone, as their works.


Another project this year leverages bookbinding techniques to create tri-fold books. The

books feature my three piece paintings. For these books, I rely on the table saw to build the

skeletal structures that eventually get wrapped with the bookbinding fabrics.

Bookbinding 2.jpg
Bookbinding 1.jpg