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Important Shipping Information

Wherever possible Dan delivers paintings and provides locating and hanging service at no charge.  For Paintings shipping outside of the Metro New York/New Jersey, our primary goal is to ensure that your fine art arrives in pristine condition. We have had good success with StrongBox brand shipping boxes produced by Airfloat systems.  Additionally, we use FedEx as our primary shipping service for the delivery of the packed paintings.


We are pleased to provide precise shipping and packing charges once we can confirm particulars regarding each painting. Below is an estimate of packing and shipping charges for your reference.


Shipping inside United States


Paintings are shipped in the StrongBox by Airfloat Systems


Box Features:


•   Shock absorbing foam

•   Double Walled Carton Construction

•   Puncture Guard Liners

•   Boxes can be re-used

•   Paintings wrapped in glassine non-stick paper


Shipping Carrier is Fedex


Approximate cost including packing and shipping:


            Small Paintings (up to 18” in width or length) = $85.00 - $125.00


            Medium Paintings (up to 29” in width or length) = $130.00 - $175.00


            Large Paintings (approx. 30”+ in width or length) = $180.00 - $525.00

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