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My studio is attached to my home. I have built it to accommodate the mediums I love: Painting, printmaking, marquetry, and carving.


When I need more space, I can set up just outside the studio doors to do operations that require my table saw, sanding etc.

Although neither of my parents worked as artists, they gave me the core ingredients to work as one. They gave me a sense of the possibility and joy that can be found in each day. Every time I create a piece of art, it is this sensibility that moves me. My work is the physical manifestation of the yearning, tenacity and exuberance for life that I felt as a child and that is my touchstone, now, as an adult.


Returning to my artistic roots with a request from a client to build a jewelry chest. The chest features my marquetry design across the top and front; along with interior compartments for specific jewelry.  The final bit of inspiration came from a1970’s dress pattern-mixing the geometric with floral

New Commission photo_edited.jpg

The majority of my work involves oil painting; which the space suits extremely well. I have lots

of natural light and many views of the mature trees and beautiful blooms that surround my property.


I am grateful daily for this space to do my work and to be close at hand to my family,

as each of them pursues their daily activities.

I feel the same way today when I paint. In fact, it was this ongoing realization-regarding life's rhythm in the making-that all my lessons as a shop teacher emanated. I simply wanted for all my students that feeling of passion and engagement in the present and their work to bring them joy and confidence.

I had toy tool boxes by age four, and by age seven I had figured out the great joy there is in making things. I built many, many go-karts and wooden forts. In every project I lost myself; I didn't care about lunch or dinner...when I did stop to eat, I couldn't wait to get back to the project at hand.

Bookbinding 5.jpg

Another project this year leverages bookbinding techniques to create trifold books. The books feature my three-piece paintings. For these books, I rely on the table saw to build the skeletal structures that eventually get wrapped with the bookbinding fabrics.

My paintings are a celebration of making and materials. Mastery does factor in. Mastery for the joy of it; mastery to express the inexpressible; mastery to bring dignity to this life.


- Daniel Gordon, June 2021

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