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Gallery 71

“Gallery 71” describes the gallery that resides in our home. The idea of hosting our own
gallery for my art work had a very organic evolution. With the birth of our children, I sought
ways to do my work from home. Whether that was marquetry, wood carving or painting. So
we converted our garage to a well functioning studio and soon the works just started to
populate the walls of our house.

Gallery 71, mantel and wisdom cabinet and book fold.jpg

As a furniture maker, we have always lived with pieces I have built; freestanding
furniture or cabinets we needed. As my painting practice expanded we realized we could
actually host a full art show right here where we live. I think we were pleasantly surprised at
how gracefully our home converted to an exhibition space worthy of our collectors' attention.

Gallery 71, Trifold.jpg

I want my collectors and new clients to feel they can visit my studio and our home
gallery throughout the year, not just at one of our annual events. Thus, the creation of “Gallery
71.” It is as much an idea as place. Please feel free to reach out to me, set up a visit!

Gallery 71, left corner of great room.jpg
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