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Although neither of my parents worked as artists, they gave me the core ingredient to work as one.  They gave me a sense of the possibility and joy that can be found in each day.  Every time I create a piece of art it is this sensibility that moves me. My work is the physical manifestation of the yearning, tenacity, and exuberance for life that I felt as a child and that is my touchstone, now as an adult.

I had toy toolboxes by age four and by age seven or eight had figured out the great joy there is in making things.  I built many, many go-karts and wooden forts.  In every project I lost myself; I didn't care about lunch or dinner...when I did stop to eat I couldn't wait to get back to the project at hand.

I feel the same way today when I paint.  In fact, it was this ongoing realization-regarding life's rhythm in the making-that all my lessons as a shop teacher emanated.  I simply wanted for all my students that feeling of passion and engagement in the present and their work to bring them joy and confidence.

My paintings are a celebration of making and materials.  Mastery does factor in. Mastery for the joy of it; mastery to express the inexpressible; mastery to bring dignity to this life. 

If you read this far...a sincere thank you! I l do love talking about art, life, people's passions...always ready for one of those conversations- Dan Gordon